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Gate Motors Durban, your local Gate Automation Durban and Security System Installer in Durban. With Electric Gate Motors Durban you get reliable and professional after-sales support. Fast response times, same day service. And the lowest prices on Gate Motors For Sale in Durban. Our qualified and experienced staff, are expertly trained to help you make the right decision when choosing a Swing or Sliding Gate Motor in Durban. Call 031 812 4379 and speak to a representative about a solution to suit your needs! you can also visit the SSSL Installers ONLINE STORE!

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No matter what type of driveway gate, or garage door you have. There’s a suitable Electric Gate Motor or Garage Motor available. From Electric Swing Gate Motors in Durban. To Electric Sliding Gate Motors in Durban. It all depends on the type of gate you have at home or the office. Our qualified, trained, and experienced gate operators deliver expert, cost effective and fast solutions.

When beefing up security at home, or at the office. It’s important to use a reliable, and professional company like SSSL Gate Motors Durban. Since you are trusting a security company to know how, why and when your security is effective.

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We never charge a call out fee regardless of the reason for your call. Whether it’s for a quotation, installation or repair.

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No matter what time of day or night you need us. We deliver reliable and quick same day service from morning till night!

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Here at SSSL Electric Fencing we always provide up front pricing and no hidden costs. The price we give today will remain tomorrow.


All the technicians and staff working at SSSL Electric Fencing. Are certified, qualified and have years of experience within the industry.

Durban Gate Motor Services

Gate Motor Installations Durban

Gate Motor Installer Durban. We offer other security installations like intercoms, security gates, fencing, access control systems, entry systems, gate locks, automatic gates, iron gates, security gates, keypad systems and intercom systems. Our installers are qualified and professional, with years of experience working.

Durban Sliding Gate Motor Installations

Sliding Gate Motor Installations DurbanWe supply, install and repair all makes of Sliding Gate Motors. When it comes to sliding gates they only consist of a single gate which then follows on a track. Sliding gates need a long and narrow space to slide open and closed. Sliding gates are, found by wide entrances or uphill entrances.

Durban Swing Gate Motor Installations

Swing Gate Motor Installations DurbanWe supply, install and repair all makes of Swing Gate Motors. Swing gates operate using a rotation arm around a fulcrum like a normal door. Swing gates open inwards and so need a specific amount of space to swing open or swing closed. Usually seen in front of entrance areas where space is limit.

Durban Gate Motor Repairs

Garage Motor Repairs Durban | Gate Motor Repairs Durban – If your gate motor is acting up by 50% of the time? Stops halfway or opens very slowly? Does not work at all? Is older than 7 years? Or makes funny noises? Your Garage or Gate Motor is in need of repairs, and If you’re unsure of what to do. It’s best to call Gate Motor Repairs Durban.

SSSL Gate Motor Repairs Durban will conduct a proper assessment. And have you back up and running in no time. We repair and replace everything from remote controls to brackets and gate locks. Get in touch with us today! As a self-diagnosed fault can end up costing you a lot of money, especially if you’re not sure of what to do. Common parts of a Automatic Gate Opener that may need to be repaired from time to time include Control Boards. Remote Controls. Transmitters that form part of the gate operator in newer models, Safety Beams and Limit Switches.

Common Gate Motor Problems


BatteryGate Motor Repairs may also involve the replacement of the battery and battery backup. A sluggish gate or a gate that looks like it’s losing power when closing needs a new battery. And every situation is different from one another making it hard to predict how long your battery should last you. But the general rule of thumb is to change your battery every two to three years.

Rack & Pinion

Rack & PinionRack & Pinion Due to regular use eventually wear and tear will become a factor on your Rack and Pinion. So it may become necessary to either replace or adjust the Rack and Pinion. A good indicator of this would be when the gears (pinion) turns and the gate does not move. In case you don’t understand a rack in the teeth at the bottom of the gate. The opinion is the gear showing outside of the gate motor.


GearboxGearbox problems happen when the electric gate motor has to work harder. For example, if the gate is heavier than the allowed weight. Or if the wheels are worn. Repairing or replacing the gearbox can be expensive. For this reason, it’s best to prevent the problem with regular maintenance and checks to your gate’s wheels. Speak to us about a maintenance plan for you or ask us the best way to perform maintenance.

Gate Motor Maintenance Durban

Garage Motor Maintenance Durban | Gate Motor Maintenance Durban. Maintenance will end up saving you money and can extend the lifespan of your gate motor. Regular Gate Motor Maintenance will also find problems. Before they get a chance of becoming an expensive problem. Think about this, a residential gate motor can open and close 6 times a day. While some commercial gate motors can open and close up to 200 hundred times a day. That’s roughly 2190 times a year for residential gate motors. And 73000 for commercial gate motors, a year. That’s why regardless of size. It’s important that you have regular Gate Motor Maintenance done on a yearly basis.

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We also offer other products an services like. Garage Door Motor in Durban. Garage Doors in Durban. Industrial Shutters in Durban. Shutters in Durban. Security Fencing In Durban. Perimeter Security In Durban. Access Control Products In Durban. Electric Fence In Durban. CCTV In Durban. Automation Systems In Durban. Custom Gates In Durban and Intercom System In Durban.

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